about us

After two decades of successful activities, Iran Atomic Energy Boarding High School established the Junior School/ First High School Course in the academic year of 2014–2015 following the recent changes in the Iranian high school education (In a building with 1,000 square meters and 2,000 square meters of land). A number of 180 students are studying in 7th, 8th and 9th grades of the High School – 60 students in each grade including three classrooms each containing 20 students.

The classrooms are started at 07:30 and the students are released at 15:00. Normally, the teaching time has been scheduled as 6 hours a day each with 50 minutes. There are two main break times for breakfast and lunch – Noon Prayer with 30 and 45 minutes break time respectively and three 15-minute extra break times between each teaching hours.

The school is equipped with laboratory for experimental sciences, computer site, work and technology workshop, prayer room, library, dining hall, cafeteria, food heating facilities, and student commodes. There is also open sports site including basketball, volleyball, handball and football fields.

The students complete a schedule of 30 education hours each week from Saturday to Wednesday; in addition to learning the ordinary subjects as per nationwide curriculum, the students also undergo some additional courses including concepts of mathematics, computer, and makeup courses for Olympiads such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology and literature Olympiads. Furthermore, the students of 8th and 9th grades also pass four educational hours on Thursday.

In addition to English and Arabic languages, which are taught as per requirements of nationwide curriculum, the students may also choose to learn German language and take part in German courses offered by the High School. In sports time, the students of each grade undergo specialty trainings in basketball, volleyball or handball.

In addition to the ordinary classrooms held during the normal school time, groups of students with more than 10 members may apply to the Scientific Societies to hold additional courses to them. Presently, chemistry, biology and cinema scientific societies are active in the school.

The homework takes maximum 2 hours of students’ off time and should be written by the student on special forms and fall into the boxes of each teacher each day before beginning of classroom time. The home works are reviewed by the teacher and then scanned and stored on the computer of the relevant educational group and the originals are returned to the students.

In addition to the books distributed by the Ministry of Education throughout the country, some additional and supplementary materials are also prepared and distributed between the students.

The exams include end term and mid-term exams. The end term exams are held simultaneous with other schools as per countrywide schedule in January and June; the mid-term exams are usually held in November and April. The questions and tests of mid-term exams are prepared by the school and are harder than those are used in end term exams. The questions and tests of end-term are prepared based on requirements announced by the Ministry of Education.

The educational colleagues of the High School are outstanding and experienced teachers who hold weekly meetings and discuss all issues relating to the education and School. Other administrative staff of the High School includes Principal, Deputy for Executive Affairs, Deputy for Educational Affairs, Deputy for Cultural Affairs, Deputy for Art, Adviser Teacher and Head Teachers all having a full time job at the High School. The Principal and all his deputies are teachers in the same time and take part in few hours of teaching in classrooms in their own field of specialty.

The students also form some sports teams and represent Iran Atomic Energy High School in competitions. The competitions include scientific, sports, art and creativity competitions.

The High School holds a 6-week teaching program for the students 3-day a week in summer. The makeup courses for scientific Olympiads such as mathematics and experimental sciences as well as courses for foreign language courses, sports and entertainment camps are normally held in summer.

Atomic Energy High School is a non-governmental high school and its expenses are paid out of the tuitions paid by the parents of students. The amount and procedure of tuition payment is supervised and regulated by the government and Department of Education.